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Resources to share with someone who is falling for BHI propaganda — and my organization who doesn’t understand why it’s problematic

Hi there,

Unfortunately there is someone at my work posting BHI crap on LinkedIn. Because he is affiliated with our organization very prominently in his profile and because I didn’t have the emotional capacity to confront him directly, I reported it to HR.

HR has forwarded his response and he clearly doesn’t understand what he did wrong. What’s more, I think HR doesn’t understand either. This is beyond problematic, considering where I work and how influential our organization is.

Are there any succinct reputable sources about why BHI folks are actually antisemitic? Anything to combat “we’re African and therefore semites and can’t be antisemitic” would be extremely useful. Do you have experience dealing with something like this? I could really use some community support.

Thanks in advance.

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