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Resources for questions in Jewish thought and practice

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of redditing, and answering tough questions about Judaism is, well, tough. Oftentimes, saying stuff like “I heard that” or “someone suggested” doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I’ve been moving away from saying stuff like that, and have instead been using some really incredible resources to help me out. I’d like to share them with all of you.

  • They have an incredible wealth of information. They have Tanach and chassidish writings, questions and answers about all areas of Judaism (from minute practical halacha to deep philosophy), and a treasure trove of Jewish music all on one website! I’ve used them a lot so I put them up first.
  • They have texts ranging from Tanach, mishna, and gemara to rishonim and acharonim (whether they are commentaries or supercomentaries). The yalso have stuff like the siddur and even aapocryphal works. Furthermore, they have english translations for all of Tanach and the siddur, as well as lots of english for everything else they have. Oh, and the also have a source sheet maker and the ability to view sheets from others.
  • They have a ton of stuff geared directly towards people who are curious about Judaism and don’t know where to start. I just discovered their fantastic philosophy page

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