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Reported hate incident to ADL, what happens next?

Hey fam 👋 Last week I got to visit NYC for the first time and loved it! Unfortunately there was one dark moment in our trip involving three men harassing us in a park. It was minor and we got out before the situation could escalate, but they harassed us for a good 15 minutes by playing Farrakhan speeches and Hava Negilah on their speakers while shouting about Jews. When we left, they spit at us and tried to follow us.

It was really nasty but not my first brush with this kind of thing so it is what it is. This time, I decided to report it to the ADL for their statistics. Their office in my home state called me the next day to tell me they were transferring my claim to the New York office, but that it was still under investigation there. I’m not expecting any consequences for the guys involved because I don’t think they could even be identified, but I was assured that NY ADL would follow up.

I wasn’t going to file a police report unless the ADL encouraged me to, but so far I’ve heard nothing from them in the past week. Again, it would just be for statistics purposes, but I wonder if I should report it to NYPD as I believe the spitting at least would count as assault. Has anyone been through this process before? Would you suggest I take further action or let it go now?

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