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Replacing an heirloom menorah…where do I even begin.

Basically, my mom lost her menorah during a move. It was in our family for at least 5 generations and it wasn’t spectacular or ornate. It was very plain and almost minimalist. But I kinda liked that since it doesn’t look like something you could just pick up on Amazon (and I have an Amazon menorah myself so no shade). I’ve looked on Etsy, called a few museums in my area (Phoenix, if it matters) and checked the Judaica…nothing is coming close to what I’m looking for.

Our last menorah was hand made and was literally a vertical bar for the shamash (star of David near the top) and a horizontal bar with tiny little nub legs just to keep the menorah upright for the rest of the candle holders (basically an upside down, capital T.) You could see the welding marks where the candle wells were at. It was bronze or copper plated, heavily worn, and well loved. I wanted to replicate it, since even though it isn’t the same, it at least looks the same. A majority of what I am finding in Amazon is overly ornate, cheap material (loose screw on candle holders), or otherwise just not working for the vision.

I’ve considered letting the ego go, and just getting a rustic looking menorah that looks nothing like our heirloom. But figured I might as well ask if anyone’s ever commissioned one before I throw in the towel, might as well ask. Thanks in advance.

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