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religions that share similar values to judaism

I had paternal Crypto-Jewish ancestors but for various reasons they were FORCED to be Catholic (later became Lutheran). My dad tried to preserve remnants of his Jewish heritage by instilling Jewish values to me. (despite my username I am not really hispanic but I have a Spanish surname IRL that was common among Sephardi Jews that many folks call me hispanic anyway). Since converting to Judaism is not an option for me since it is on dad’s side, what religions would share similar values to Judaism?

I want to be apart of a community that shares my values.

I UNDSERTAND Judaism is NOT a consumable product however I REJECT my Lutheran heritage because

#1. My ancestors NEVER wanted to be Lutheran they WERE BIRTH Jews but were FORCED into the faith

#2. Lutheranism promotes stupidity, poverty, and promotes losers while punishing the most productive and intelligent people (at least in my neighborhood). (see post)

#3. My PERSONAL values align more with Judaism and DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSE Lutheranism.

IDK would eastern religions share similar values to Judaism? Problem though is those religions are individualist and don’t form strong communities like Judaism.

Possibly Islam?

They have strong communities like Jews and share some cultural similarities such as no pork/shellfish etc. (If I am not mistaken pre-Islamic Arabs are the descendants of Jews who moved south into Arabia after the destruction of the Temple).

-Thank you all

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