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Religion in dating and intermarriage.

We are about 20. So I am dating a guy of Jewish faith. Personally I didn’t know much until Judaism until I met this guy. I’ve had some Jewish friends and always found the traditions fun and liked the sense of community. After about five months of dating though he told me that he was just dating me to date me and doesn’t want to get too serious. This is because of my religion. I am not Jewish and was born Christian but do not go to church or anything like that. I was not aware of this until after five months which to me is already too late. I’ve developed feelings for him and really care about him. Obviously I wasn’t dating with the intention of marrying either but to not have it as a possibility should everything work out perfectly just leaves me feeling hurt. At some point even if things are going perfectly he will just break up with me because I’m not born Jewish is something that doesn’t sit well with me. As huge as a choice this would be should I fall in love with someone deeply and want marriage I’d be willing to convert and find value and faith in their religion. Not that I’d do this now but if it came to marriage and it means this much to them I would. But he said the person he wants to marry has to be born Jewish and that a convert is not a real Jew and his kids as a result wouldn’t be Jewish. To me this is hurtful and feels racist in a way. I’m not sure what I should do. I want to forget about it and move on with the relationship but it just feels like it’ll be something that bothers me. I already really care for us and do not want to just end it but it might be the smartest option for me. He told me 5 months in which to me was too late and we are currently at 9 months. It’s bothered me since and I don’t know how to deal with the whole situation.

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