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rehearsal on yom kippur

rehearsal on yom kippur

i recently realized that a mandatory rehearsal for my university’s wind ensemble’s concert falls on yom kippur (i wasn’t told the concert date until last week). i’ve been debating sending an email to the band director to let him know that a) i’m gonna be a tad bit out of it so please don’t get mad at me but mostly b) if possible, it would be appreciated to not have future mandatory rehearsals on yom kippur (or holidays in general) so people are able to go to services and keep their fast

however, the jewish population here is small and i genuinely may be the only person in the band who will be observing yom kippur. so, is it fair to send this email asking for it to be taken into account when it may only affect me or a handful of students? if so, is this a decent way of wording it? i’m not sure what to do, i’d appreciate any and all advice

i’ll also be talking to my rabbi about teshuvah for this. it hasn’t been a problem until now 🙁

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