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Regarding the recent riots in Jerusalem and B’nai Brak (and I believe in another city but I forgot).

So I just had a debate with my roommate in Milu’im regarding the Haredi riots that happened and are happening this past week, he is formerly religious and argues that they are acting in accordance of their beliefs of Torah and that they are allowed their subjective view of Halacha.

In turn I argued that the constant opposition to Coronavirus lockdown measures called for by many Rabbanim in those communities are clearly putting the lives of others at risk for things that aren’t worth a life according to Halacha, likewise there incredibly violent riots are in my opinion in violation of both Halacha and Jewish values.

So fine folk of r/Judaism tell me, is their any defense on a Halachic level for the constant opposition to lockdown measures from many in the Haredi community of Israel, and is there any Halachic defense for their rioting?

Can they make a Halachic case that what they are doing is either permissible or even justified?

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