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Reform Judaism Question

I’m asking this again, but worded more clearly and with some background.

I am an Orthodox Jewish woman who is very interested in learning more about the other branches of Judaism, specifically Reform. I follow many Jewish accounts on Instagram (I guess we could call them influencer accounts but not sure that word fits) and lately there has been a lot of debate about how the Reform community views patrilineal Jews. One account says you don’t need to be raised Jewish, just need to have one parent, whereas another is saying that you do have to be raised Jewish (bar mitzvah, Hebrew school, etc) according to the religion, another account says something different. Can someone explain to me which is the actual view (if there even is one defined view)?

I am not asking with judgement whatsoever, truly just with curiosity. I have not been exposed to Reform Judaism and want to be inclusive to everyone, but am just confused with the mixed messages I keep seeing.

Thank you so much!

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