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Reform Judaism in my life and questions

Hi I’m from Italy, I live there too. I identify as a reform agnostic jew. Reform Judaism has been a big part of my life. In the Reform Judaism i and a lot of family of mine are a part of, we like many other reform/ modern day Jews have modified or abandoned many traditionally old Jewish beliefs, laws, and practices. When I learned about some of the laws and beliefs that I and the people at my synagogue don’t follow I was shocked. (My rabbi said that he doesn’t believe in a lot of those laws) I did not know what to think when I heard about some laws. I talked to my partner (he is not Jewish, but he is supportive and amazing) and he was shocked too. He thought our relationship would change in some ways (it has remained same).

Some law I learn that was most shocking: the Niddah laws for when a girl is on her period. How she cannot sleep in same bed with a man or in some cases even touch him. And even the baths they may take to clean after menstruated. I have never been to or had one of those baths neither has my mother, grandmother, or my cousins I am close to that are Jews. They all say they have sleep in same bed as their partner when they are on their period. I sleep with my partner on my period and sometimes we have sex during it.

I do keep other original Jewish laws like Kosher as much as I can, I celebrate holiday, and other thing. I love how Reform Judaism respects civil rights, is advocating for liberty. I love how much of a big part of my life it is. I love doing the Sabbath candles when I can. I think it is beautiful. I think of Judaism when making important decisions about my life.

My questions are: Do you touch your partner in any way during your period/ their period? Do you sleep in same bed as your partner during your/ there period? Are you intimate with your partner on their/ your period? Have you done Mikveh bath or has your partner? What Jewish laws do you not have as a part of your life? What laws/ customs shocked you? (You don’t have to answer all of you are uncomfortable)

Grazie Mille (thank you so much)!! I would love to here how Judaism has impact your life! Thank you for reading! Much love!

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