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Reform Jewish Education Online

Hi all!

I am an ex-orthodox from Israel. I moved to the US and found my beautiful non-Jewish love. We now live in Spain.

She fell in love with Judaism much more than I would ever will. We are about to get married. My mom, the Polish-not-Polish she is, asked me to get into a/the process of somewhat conversion.

Personally – I don`t care. I think that my partner is amazing the way she is. And we will raise our kids on whatever is good from all religions. One thing is for sure – I don`t want her to go through conservative/orthodox conversion. Especially not in Israel.

For both of us – We don`t really care about if the process will be ״effective” in any community/country/synagogue.

So my question is – Is there any online place she can go and have an education “conversion” course that will cover the main things? Not with a test, not with a diploma. Just pure knowledge and vibe.

Thanks in advance peeps!

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