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Reform Jew born patrilineal struggles

I am in my 30s, and was wondering if anyone else grew up in a solid reform community and later found out that as I have patrilineal descent many people will not accept you as Jewish (where I live now a good many).

I guess I have a chip on my shoulder, partly due to having this pointed out to me for the first time at Hillel when I was 18. Not that Hebrew classes at my synagogue were great but wham, I go to the east coast and suddenly this is a thing.

I am more comfortable in my position now, but I still struggle a bit as I know there are people who would not want to count me in a minion and as much as that feels like a rejection, I do want to not offend people.

Is it me or was those who grew up in the reform community at a similar time, in a similar community not really prepared for the reality of our position?

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