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Recommendations for antique shops in Tel Aviv? For religious items

Apologies in advance for bad wording: English is not my first language unfortunately.

I saw someone’s post about Jewish items and not having family who passed on some of the very essential items. It’s the same for me, and there’s barely any Jewish shops near me or even online that deliver to me. Also, the few things I find online look quite low quality but very expensive aswell.

Anyway, I’ll go to Tel Aviv in a few months and I was thinking:

It would be so nice to find my essentials in Israel. Not only because there’s barely anything near me but also because… Well, it’s Israel. But I liked the other person’s idea about getting items that have been used and passed on through generations, and now I’m thinking: why buy new?

TL;DR: does anyone have recommendations where in Tel Aviv I can shop for antique or maybe just pre used nice “essential items”?

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