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Recommendations/encouragement for a Baal Teshuva with disapproving family?

I am on the journey towards becoming more observant. I have always loved being Jewish, and increasing my observance of Mitzvot seems like the natural path. I’ve been slowl*y increasing my observance over the past few months, starting with not eating non-kosher meat, giving maaser, not driving on Shabbat, etc.

My family is extremely worried and scared that I won’t love them any more, won’t want to spend time with them, etc. They just don’t understand why someone would want to become orthodox. For context, I am a young professional and do not live with my parents any more. I’m doing my best to reassure them that I will always love them and I’m doing my best to be understanding of their nervousness. However, it’s not my job to make them not feel scared. I can tell them that I’m still the same person they love, but ultimately, they will just need to let me prove it to them over time. The pressure they are putting on me is really affecting my mental health.

I know this is the path I want to be on, and I have very supportive rabbis and other mentors who I meet with regularly. However, it’s a lonely path and I’m wondering if there are any resources out their for the mental health challenges of BTs, or books for disapproving parents to understand this journey better.

Thanks for the tips and encouragement. Have a good shabbos.

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