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Recommendation for good writers and thinkers in the Jewish literary tradition

Who are some good Jewish writers and thinkers I can read? For example, among Catholics and Americans we have GK Chesterton, Thomas Aquinas, Flannery O’Connor, Fyodor Dostoesvky (totally not Catholic or American but he’s still popular), Dante Alighieri, some others I am forgetting.

I am writing an American story featuring a boy who aspires to be a writer (of course). His parents are practicing Orthodox Jews (and he is raised in the community in California), so he would be exposed to Jewish thinkers, poets, and writers. But I don’t know a lot of Jewish writers on the top of my head (I forgot most of them), the only ones I can remember are Eli Wiesel and Naomi Shemers. My character likes Herman Melville and Fyodor Dostoevsky (because that’s what I know lol). Plus, I want to read the biographies of other Jewish writers and sort of base my character off them.

So my boy is very fond of outdoor aesthetics. He particularly likes the Samson story, and other stories taking place in the wilderness. When he comes to California he falls in love with the orange groves, the rugged terrains, and enjoys hunting and mudding in the woods with the farmboys he befriended. Also, his reading habit helps keep him from going OTD because he understands his faith. Who are some writers that a bookworm like this would be into?

Second question, relevant to this post: to writers and authors (or other creative types), how do you think your faith has influenced your work?

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