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Recommendation for books about Judaism for a Jewish person?

I’m a Jewish person that grew up as a 5th generation New York Jew, had a bar mitzvah, went to reformed Hebrew school etc. however, I and my family were always more “culturally Jewish” than properly religious. Seinfeld Jews, if you will.

I feel like I don’t really grasp a lot of what Judaism is, what we believe traditionally and history. As I get older, I want to know more about it especially before having kids as I will want to raise them Jewish.

Are there any books people would recommend that are very approachable to re-learning? I’d love it to be more casual than academic.

If anyone happens to have read Mike Schur’s book about philosophy, that’s the vibe I’d love to find. A la a “Seth Rogen decided to get more interested in his Jewish roots and is summarizing what he learned” vibe.

Otherwise, I’ll take just a casual and approachable book.

Thank you!

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