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Recently uncovered Jewish lineage and looking for sources to learn more

Hello! Apologies if this is an odd question. I’ve known for quite a while that my family had ancient Ashkenazi roots through DNA profiles, but we did some more digging recently and discovered that our family’s Jewish ancestry extends right up until about a century ago. My maternal grandfather is descended from the family of a very famous Jewish historical figure, and it would seem as though my grandfather covered up his Jewish lineage before my mother was born–likely because he married a woman who was a devout Irish Catholic and he either didn’t want her, or her family, to know. That means none of us were told, either. I find this all quite fascinating, but I also feel as though some of my family history was stolen, for all of us to find out so many years later. I’m looking for resources essentially just to read up on Jewish history through the ages. I figured this would probably be a good place to ask! I appreciate any suggestions! x

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