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Really trying to get along with my Palestinian friend. Any tips?

I volunteer working with refugees. Because of the nature of the work, I don’t mind dealing with casual ignorance and racism and antisemitism once in awhile. I met a completely platonic friend through the work who is a refugee from Syria but is ethnically Palestinian. He’s a fine guy. We’ve hung out a few times and he’s like 90% fun to be around. We even discussed the conflict recently and the conversation was respectful on both sides.

But once in awhile he’ll say ignorant antisemetic things. The first few times we hung out I said something, but honestly it’s happened enough times now that I’m just tired. So I don’t correct him anymore and I just get mad when I get home.

We still have an amicable relationship and he keeps wanting to hang out. I’m thinking about ghosting him honestly. I know the first step in these things is communication, but the thought of having that conversation just makes me feel tired. I also feel like I shouldn’t have to be the one to teach him this stuff. And honestly I don’t know if he would even get it.

What would you guys do?

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