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Really need wedding help!

I’m at the end of my actual wits! I’m getting married this fall to the love of my life. I was born Jewish raised conservadox. He’s patrilineal Jewish raised reform, practices conservative and I’ve known him as nothing else. His mom however is (although non religious), technically catholic. I realize this makes him not halachically Jewish.

Here’s my problem. We can’t find anyone under the sun to officiate our ceremony. We’re located in Toronto and all the replies I get are ‘we don’t do interfaith weddings’. We don’t WANT an interfaith wedding, we are fully practicing Jews. However unless he converts formally we’re being offered fringe rabbis that have a bad reputation in the city and my parents will not go for it. My fiancé on the other hand won’t convert as he maintains he’s Jewish and is being stubborn about it. He thinks doing a formal conversion is silly given he’s spent his whole life being Jewish (ish?). He doesn’t think he needs a piece of paper and sees it as kind of offensive that no one will marry us.

Anyone have any suggestions?

TDLR: we want a traditional Jewish wedding, no one will officiate because we are technically an ‘interfaith’ couple.

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