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Really attracted to Jewish guys… Problematic/fetishizing?

I really don’t know how I recognized it, but many of my childhood crushes and Hollywood crushes, even from early childhood (David Krumholz was in Addams Family Values and was Bernard the elf from The Santa Clause?? Adrien Brody???) have been Jewish men. I’ve dated a few Jewish guys but their religion wasn’t a big part of their identity – though I loved experiencing some of the culture: trying challah and various foods I hadn’t been exposed to, picking up various Yiddish words, etc.

I do feel weird about it however. I don’t mean to be objectifying in any way. I’m not sure what about these guys is so attractive. I do love the accent some Jewish guys have? But it’s not universal (Adrien Brody doesn’t have this). I just find that, in general, I’m just significantly MORE attracted to Jewish men than other men. I’m a bisexual guy and this doesn’t seem to extend to Jewish women, if this makes any difference.

My question, I guess, is: is this fetishizing? Should I keep this as a deep dark secret and/or work on fixing it?

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