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ready to begin conversion but feeling stuck/uncertain due to life circumstances ?

good afternoon everyone!

so for the past year-ish ive been very seriously considering conversion. i have actually thought about it passively for much longer but last fall was when i decided to really start looking into it and after doing lots of research im certain about it.

originally i wanted to convert via conservative judaism but now i would like to convert with a modern orthodox synagogue — this is important to me for a few reasons but they can generally be summed up as “modern orthodox seems to reflect my ideal observance level and attitude about it” and “i want my kids to be jewish too” (im a woman. also, just speaking for myself, i find the more traditional gender roles very appealing. the big initial draw of conservative for me was the egalitarianism but that’s honestly not a priority anymore)

the problem is im also 22 years old and working on launching my own life, as in job/apartment/etc. i currently still live with my family and the modern orthodox synagogue i am looking at is about a 15-20 minute drive away from me — definitely not able to make it on foot. does this make it impossible? would they just tell me not to even bother since id be breaking shabbat as long as i have to drive there?

finally, depending on where i am able to find work i may be moving to another state, where i would obviously have to find another synagogue. if this disrupts the conversion process am i back at square one? this stresses me out a lot because ive always really wanted to get married and have kids and im already 22… my worst nightmare is being one of the rare cases where conversion takes like, 6 years, so anything potentially lengthening it worries me A LOT.

i feel so stuck right now, what do i do? ignoring all external factors, i feel totally spiritually and emotionally ready and i don’t want to keep waiting, but what if i have to?

(note: the rabbi at this particular synagogue is on leave this month and the class they run for conversion candidates is on hold, presumably because of that. so i can’t really ask them any questions in the meantime unless it’s something the board can answer)

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