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Re-converting Orthodox

My husband converted to Judaism eleven years ago with a conservative (female) rabbi and Beit Din. I was born halachically Jewish. In the ensuing years, we’ve moved much closer to modern orthodoxy in practice and belief. My husband would now very much like to redo his conversion with an Orthodox rabbi, so that he counts for a minyan and in case of any future changes to the law of return. We’re both prepared to make lifestyle changes for our family, increasing our level of kashrut and shomer shabbos. We currently use two sets of dishes, for example, but eat non-kosher chicken (not beef) out of the house.

We live about an hour or two away from any modern orthodox shul, unfortunately, so we’ve been taking our kids and attending services at Chabad. My husband doesn’t want to convert Lubavitch though.

We would just like some advice about how to move forward with this, both in terms of what an orthodox re-conversion might look like and in finding a rabbi or community that might be willing to work with us.

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