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Rav Hassan studies

Hey everyone, wanting to get a bit of advice for my future. To give a little bit of contact, I’m 27, male, Reform and found out about my Jewish roots about 7-8 years ago. Since then I’ve been attending shul regularly, reading Torah and Talmud weekly, and have even moved to a new place in America that has a larger Redorm congregation (from 11 at HH to about 500+) so I can increase my education. I’ve felt this itch to go to Rabbinical school or Cantoral school, but with Hebrew College’s Rav Hassan program, I don’t really have to choose anymore. I’ve had a long talk with my Cantor, who, although she is in her late 60’s, graduated with a Cantoral degree about three years ago.

I know the path to take once I get to Hebrew college, but I’m in a bit of a unique situation- I’m exactly the same amount of credits away from my bachelor’s degree in music and Jewish studies. Both would take me about 2.5-3 years to complete, or about 4 if I double majored (my original major was journalism with a music minor, so I’d just need a few upper level music courses and lower level Hebrew courses to get both degrees.) My music degree is NOT in vocal performance or music education though, so I’m not sure whether or not it would be worth pursuing.

My main concern is my lack of Jewish upbringing- finding out about my great-grandmother’s conversion after she married a catholic man was quite a shock to my family, although my parents raised me to be non-religious. I was circumcised and I keep (mostly) kosher now, but have not had a bar mitzvah nor do I speak Hebrew. I know I’ll have to learn Hebrew, but will I need a record of a bar mitzvah to study further?

I’m curious about anyone, from all walks of life, who decided on becoming a member of the Clergy or decided to become more observant with age. Advice is also great, but please don’t feel obligated to spend your spoons on me. Shabbat Shalom, everyone!

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