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Rational Reasons to Keep Mitzvot

I’d like to have a discussion where we seek out reasons behind the laws of the Torah. I don’t find room for personal growth in Judaism. The mitzvot are communicated as obligations, not values to strive for. I am not for an “all or nothing, black and white mentality”. I am for a healthy mindset which for me is a “doing things in moderation and appreciating the colours mentality”. So here’s part of my take on this:

Intellectual stimulation: I value the importance of study and analysis in Judaism as it encourages to question and interpret absolutely everything. Nothing is taboo. Everything is up for discussion. I love challenging my mind and Judaism offers several layers/degrees of understanding various matters. The importance of study/learning can as we all know be backed up by rational reasons.

Tefila: The general (not talking specifically about Judaism) purpose of praying/meditation is to help people stay grounded and reduce anxiety/stress. I don’t have any issues with anxiety or stress. However, as someone said “Meditation is for mindfulness what running is for fitness. Even if you are fit, running is good for you. And if you find a difficulty in running, that can be a way to know to discover something about your fitness that you can still improve upon.” Stress blocks creativity and memory which is needed for problem-solving. In other words, I also see Jewish meditation/praying as for increasing productivity and thus confidence/a healthy mind and life.

Brachot: for staying present/mindful and appreciate the moment and being aware and grateful of what you have.

Keeping Shabbat and chagim: for quality time with family and friends + all the points mentioned above. The mind needs a break once in a while to keep up productivity.

Kosher: any suggestions for shechita, kosher animals…?

Please challenge me with rational reasons!!

Thank you.

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