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Rant: my sister is kosher but not at all religious and honestly it’s so annoying

First, my sister was a vegetarian. My dad kind of picked on her about it, because he loves meat (which wasn’t nice of him). Then, a few months later, she became kosher. And I mean STRICTLY kosher.

My sister is not religious at all. She doesn’t know basic things about the foundation of Judaism, never attends services, and just isn’t an observant Jew. Which is fine, neither am I really. However, I just find it absolutely ludicrous for her to constantly berate my family over not making food perfectly kosher, or demanding kosher options at restaurants, when she’s not an observant Jew. She has sent food back, and even refused to eat dinner my mother made yesterday because the meat touched butter.

I really feel like she’s doing this just to have an identity and to have the moral high ground over us, or so she feels. I wold have no problem with it if she truly became an observant jew, but she takes no interest in the religion at all and has no Jewish friends. She’s quite rude and demanding with kosher restrictions, even more so than my orthodox friend who attended a private Jewish school for k-12.

My sister has never really been around religious Jews, and I think if she were to be, they would all be pretty confused as to why she’s so strictly kosher but doesn’t no jack shit about the religion.

How do you guys feel about this? Am I wrong to be annoyed?

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