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Rant From a Nice (Almost) Jewish Boy (update)

Shana tovah fellow hebrews, I wanted to thank a bunch of you for giving me some new great resources and taking the time to talk about my problems during conversion. Since my first post I have met with a conservative Rabbi who has agreed to continue my conversion with him, and the congregation he teaches at fits me MUCH much better. I love the guy. From the first moment we met I knew that he would be my spiritual teacher. I keep a mostly orthodox lifestyle and my new Rabbi definitely understands me, and my choices much better than my last one. I mean genuinely, I would describe the feeling of being in his shul for the first time as like a joyful homecoming. And if that isnt teshuva I don’t know what is. I hope to someday help somebody else here like a lot of you have helped me. In conclusion, I love you all. Keep it real Yisrael ❤

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