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Random question wondering if someone could answer

I was having a conversation(group text chat) with a group of friends. The topic of conversion was brought up, but no one had a straight answer. So I’m coming to Reddit!!

Question: If a woman in her 30s(married 3 children/1 is an adult) decides to covert to Judaism are her children Jewish? She is adopted & doesn’t know if her bio mother/family was Jewish. Her adopted family was a mix of religions. I beleive she was baptized Catholic but never was really practicing. I’m am fairly sure never received 1st communion etc

Husband is not Jewish(if that matters) & probably won’t be converting. He was raised Christian but always had issues with it. Supports her converting 100% & is even open to the 2 minor children being raised Jewish.

Would her children be considered Jewish or would they have to convert also as adults?

Thanks in advance!

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