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Rabbinical Studies and Committed Relationships

As context, I am agnostic or atheist (apathetic to religion at this point) and was raised Catholic and Presbyterian. My girlfriend is Jewish, and very passionate about her religion and her culture, which I respect and support wholeheartedly. I have celebrated several major and minor holidays with her family, and have also observed Shabbat a number of times. One of her dreams (she has many awesome ideas and passions) is to pursue rabbinical or cantorial study and she recently discovered that there is a stipulation that if she is in a “committed relationship”, the partner must be Jewish. This puts me in a bit of a bind, as I do not personally relate to the religion (more-so than I do to any other) and don’t really want to go through the conversion process, particularly since I know that involves turning away converts a certain number of times before allowing them to begin. I also don’t want to get in the way of my girlfriend’s dreams and I’m unsure what to do or how to proceed. Are there any loopholes to this rule? I would like to avoid being indifferent about joining a religion, since that is a major part of people’s lives and culture.

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