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r/Judaism and Outside Manipulation.

After various antisemitic attacks, r/Judaism has often been targeted by outside users. There are often a few bans for brigading and trolls, usually a clear neo-nazi or two based on history. But this time it was worse. There have been around 20 bans the past three days for users that have the following profile.

  1. Minimal reddit history
  2. No r/Judaism history
  3. Making race baiting (or just outright racist) comments

There were a handful other bans that hit only one of the first two of those categories (along with the third), and they are not all permanent bans depending just how bad the comments were. These users were found across the various larger threads and a few smaller ones. In all my years as mods, I have never seen such a clear brigade without an obvious linked source. As in, past brigades can often be traced to a post in some hate sub linking to a current thread. This time I have not found any such link.

With tensions high, I want to remind the community that this sub is a target for antisemites, and some of those antisemites have and will claim to be Jewish, and will say awful things. I want you all to be aware, and to be vigilant. So don’t fall for some of the awful things I have seen posted (and some of these users got positive responses and upvotes). Don’t let there be more division among us.


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