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Quoting the Torah in Publications

Hello all! I hope this is an acceptable question to ask on this sub because I could use the guidance. I am writing a professional analysis on the name of G-d covering everything from the background and importance within the Jewish faith to modern and cultural references to this name. Part of this work will examine contrasting traditions concerning when the name of G-d was revealed to the Israelites and I would like to reference and quote several short sections of the Torah (six verses total, broken into three quotes) to better explain these references.

I know that certain publishers of the Christian Bible allow up to 500 verses to be quoted without written copyright permission, but I have been completely unable to find an equivalent that allows me to quote short references from the Torah. I’m hoping this sub can clarify the issue for me- is there a copy of the Torah translated into English that can be quoted in professional publications without copyright release?

Edit: removed phrase in question to better address original question

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