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Quick Question; What do parents do over Shabbat?

Hi! This is just an innocuous question – I’m not Jewish, but couldn’t see anything about us not posting in the rules.

Anywho, my husband is Jewish although not practicing. Some extended family half practice but no one is overly religious either way. Recently my husbands cousin had a baby and yesterday informed us that they have stopped practicing Shabbat due to the needs of baby.

They might start again when she’s older and can partake. They listed their need for her bottle warmer, their fridge for formula and monitors and what not as necessary. Hey favourite toys are also electronic and anything to keep baby happy lol.

Usually in my husbands family they breastfeed and bed share so its never come up before. Not that important as no one in hubs family actually cares that much, but I was just wondering what other Jewish parents do.

I mean, I’d gathered that you’re supposed to breastfeed (from my MIL, may be incorrect) but surely not everyone does? Not possible for all, struggles and work and what not.

So, what do you guys do? Those who practice and who’s religion is an every day thing rather than a family tradition, as such.

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