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Quick question about minchag regarding being a rabbi

I’m Ashkenazi, and I’m just wondering if there is a difference in protocol after becoming a rabbi.

I’m not sure whether opinions differ or really if different schools have different interpretations of what I assume is a mdoraisa from Sinai. I understand the requirement to have one, but I’m not sure exactly how one is expected to practice this mitzvah after successfully receiving smicha. And I’m not sure if the question applies to just having smicha itself or if it is only upon being a practicing rabbi within a shul.

I’m not sure if it’s totally understandable, but hopefully a halachic authority will be able to answer my question.

So I just need to know, upon receiving smicha will the yeshiva provide a beige 2004 Toyota Camry for me, or do I have to purchase one myself?

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