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Quick question about a YouTube video about Judaism – (about atheists and polytheists)

I watched a YouTube video from a Jewish rabbi (I’ll add the link after work) about following the commandments given a life or death situation.

For example, if you are starving or are forced to eat pork or shellfish that’s okay. If you kill or injure a robber who broke into your house that could be considered self defense and not breaking the commandment of murder.

However the main point is that the one commandment that should never be broken is monotheism. The rabbi clearly stated that Jews should be willing to die before offering a prayer to another deity. In fact to me this monotheism seems to be the most important of all the commandments (I heard there are 600+ commandments for Jews and only 10 for non Jews?). Believing in one singular god seems to be rule number one for everyone…

Given the lack of emphasis on an afterlife in Judaism (Judaism doesn’t have an eternal hell, only one year), does this apply to polytheists? Did the Roman pagans all eventually go to heaven despite their polytheistic beliefs? I am uncertain about this since Judaism is extremely monotheistic. If a modern day pagan or atheist dies would he eventually go to heaven according to Jewish views?

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