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Questions related to conversion.


Um… this year I started to be interested in Judaism… I started reading books about it and I continue reading Hebrew Scriptures to learn more. I’ve been considering conversation but I have a lot of doubts if it’s even possible to convert. I have found an article related to the topic of conversion and it’s arguments make sense but me but there are also a things that are not clear to me. I hope someone will be able to help me.

First of all, according to the article ( ) conversation to the Judaism isn’t impossible because : A) it’s not mentioned in Torah, rabbis invented it. Also Abraham covenant with God passed through Isaac and other sons weren’t converted, doesn’t that indicate that conversion shouldn’t take place because only Isaac line can serve God? B) a stranger may live among the nation, practice in the same way they are, eat in the same way and pray in the same way but it doesn’t mean their ethnicity is changed for example if I eat sushi and speak Japanese I won’t become Japanese because of it. Can there be a separation between ethnicity and religion when Judaism has ethnoreligious nature? C) If I choose orthodox conversion I’m orthodox but not reform and if I choose reform I’m not an orthodox, right? So the Jewishness acquired through conversion isn’t “full” and it only exist in certain context D) Finally this article mentions that conversions led to existence of and here I quote “Herod, the murderer who people think is jewish”, the Jerusalem take over and fallen temple because of the converts – zealots, fanatical fundamentalists and finally he mentions Jesus of Galilee like it was a bad thing… what bothers me that if conversions to Judaism is impossible and Jesus teachings that make it possible for gentiles to worship one God is a bad thing then how a person who is not Jewish can be close to one God? Are we destined to be far apart?

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