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Questions regarding Hebrew names found in Shia Hadith


So I’m a (Sunni) Muslim and found a Shia Hadith that caught my interest (for those of you who don’t know what Hadiths are, those are sayings/teachings of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (S), and Shia Hadiths are generally Hadiths that are accepted in the Shia denomination of Islam but may not necessarily be accepted in the Sunni denomination). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the source of the Hadith online, so I can’t affirm the validity of it. However, I’ll just copy and paste what the Hadith said, and then follow up with my questions:

The Holy Prophet (S) asked: Ya Ali! What have you named your son?

Ali replied: I will not take precedence over you. You will name him.

To which the Prophet (S) said: I will not take precedence over Allah (SWT). He will name him.

Jibrail (AS) descended from the heavens: Allah says Ali is to you what Haroon was to Musa. Haroon had two sons, Shabbar and Shabbir, therefore name your grandsons after the sons of Haroon. Name this child Shabbar!

The Holy Prophet (S) replied: Haroon’s language was Hebrew. My language is Arabic. I want to name my grandsons in Arabic.

Jibrail (AS) returned back with Allah’s message: Allah has chosen the names Hassan and Hussain for your grandsons, for the Arabic of Shabbir is Hussain and Shabbar is Hassan. Name your elder son Hassan, after Haroon’s elder son Shabbar.

(Just for context, the Holy Prophet (S) is our Islamic Prophet Muhammad (S); Ali is the cousin of the Prophet; Allah means God/HaShem; Jibrail is Gabriel; Musa is Moses/Moshe; Haroon is Aaron/Aharon)

My first question is: in the Jewish faith, did Aaron have sons named Shabbir and Shabbar? I tried doing a simple Google search but could not find a Jewish source/reference that states that these were names of two of the sons of Aaron, but perhaps someone familiar with the texts of Judaism can answer this question.

My second question requires some additional context. I’m a language lover, and I especially enjoy the Semetic tri-root system that Arabic and Hebrew both share. The Arabic root ح-س-ن (H-S-N), or the root from which the names Hassan and Hussain are derived, has to do with goodness (refer to this for more context: Considering it’s easy to transform the English transliteration of a word into Arabic/Hebrew, I assume the root for Shabbir is ש-ב‎-ר‎ (Sh-B-R). According to Wiktionary, this root word has to do with breaking and most likely nothing to do with goodness (for reference: So my second question is: are there words with this Hebrew root that have to do with goodness/are Shabbir and Shabbar used as names in the Jewish faith?

Thanks in advance, and Chag Sameach/Ramadan Kareem!

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