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Questions regarding Biblical vs Modern Hebrew

I’ve been looking into finally learning Hebrew but I’m having trouble finding answers for these questions. My primary goal for learning Hebrew is reading and I’m having trouble committing to it because I can’t figure out which to learn.

  • – Is NJPS, Koren, ArtScroll and other big publishers using Modern or Biblical Hebrew for the Tanakh/Talmud and commentary from Rashi, Ramban, Ralbag.. etc?
  • – I’m not Bar Mitzvah’d but when I do it am I reading Biblical or Modern Hebrew from the Torah Scroll? My Bar Mitzvah would probably take place in an Orthodox Shul although I’m Conservative, not sure if that matters.
  • – Do people generally read Biblical Hebrew or is most of the Hebrew regarding the Tanakh/Talmud/Midrash etc translated into Modern Hebrew?

I probably have more questions but can’t think of them right now. It feels like I should learn Modern Hebrew as there’s a lot more resources especially if most of our texts are in Modern.

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