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Questions on daily prayer

I am a Jew, and like many American Jews was raised Reform with a Jewish Educaiton that stopped at 13, and never really praying outside of Shabbat services at a synagogue. I want to start a daily prayer practice and recently purchased a set of Siddur, a new Tallit, and am interested in purchasing Tefillin.

While I have seen similar posts by people looking to connect more with their Judaism, my current challenges are more logistical. Having not been raised around observant Jews I am having some obstacles to getting started and looking from guidance from those who have been praying regularly. I do have a meeting with my Rabbi in the coming weeks though am interested in hearing from a larger sampling of Jews of different backgrounds.

When do you typically do your morning prayers in relation to waking up, brushing teeth, breakfast, etc. In what room do you pray, and in what position are you in? I assume I would want to pray outside of my bedroom. I have a home office with a desk and a couch, and am not really sure what praying looks like in terms of body position to set up a comfortable place to have what I need ready in order to make this a regular practice.

I appreciate any feedback or sharing of your experiences and prayer routines.

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