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Questions I have as a jew living in a non jewish community with no synagogues.

I am a jewish woman (17 yrs old and I cant drive) and on top of that im the only one in my family that still makes an effort to practice our religion. I live in a very small Christian based town in Ohio that has little to no jewish community (none that Im aware of. If youre jewish and live in van wert Ohio pls hmu)

The nearest synagogues are in fort wayne and Lima and both are 40 minutes away and my dads not willing to drive both ways regardless. Im looking into possibly going with my Christian friends to their church because then Im still somewhat worshipping god. But going to a church feels wrong. Ive only been in a church once and that was a nice gesture for my friends mom whos kids never went with her and she was lonely, that was catholic and im pretty dure this town isnt catholic. I dont know what to do.

Help a young lonely jew out please. 🥲

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