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Questions from a Christian: Judaism, the Covenant, and the Messiah

Let me preface my questions and confusion by stating that I am a Christian who was raised in Catholicism, and eventually deconstructed and reconstructed and now I just claim to follow Jesus on my own end.

Over the past few days I’ve recently been exposed to the mess that was/is supersessionism. As you can probably imagine, this thought pattern is very popular within Christianity and to be completely honest it was ingrained in me. After looking into it briefly I was able to quickly come to the conclusion that supersessionism is an inaccurate understanding of the new testaments claims within the Christian Bible, and it also does not hold up with the Hebrew Bible. The idea that Jews are still gods chosen people sits well in me, however I have some questions that I cannot wrap my head around.

Coming from a Christian perspective where Jesus is the messiah stemming from Judaism, I am confused as to what the point of a messiah is in Judaism. Denouncing supersessionism indicates that the Jewish people are still gods chosen people and are still in covenant with god. After listening to various commentaries from Jewish and Christian sources I really don’t quite understand the relationship this covenant has when interacting with the idea of salvation, and I’m not sure if salvation is even a narrative necessary to Judaism. Basically what I gathered from what I’ve listened to is that Jews are covered by their covenant directly with god while gentiles absolutely need a messiah that reaches past the Jewish people. If the covenant abstains Jewish people from needing the salvation professed in Christianity, then what’s the point of a messiah? I do understand that the messiah is a bit different between the two religions as Christians hold Jesus to be the son of god which is incorrect for both Jews and Muslims alike.

Sorry if I am ignorant or am expressing potentially dangerous/hostile beliefs and understandings. I really want to dig deeper into Judaism and Islam so that I can further understand all of us people that I would consider united in the abrahamic religions in some way regardless of what Judaism and Islam may think of me.

Thank you!

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