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Questions from a Christian about the New Earth

Christian here, I’m wondering what the Jewish interpretation of the new earth is? I always hear that Judaism is about the present life and has little to talk about when it comes to the afterlife. Typically this is said in reference to the Christian belief in heaven and hell. But what about the new earth, where the Christian Bible says we will spend eternity?

In the Tanakh it’s talked about in (sorry I don’t know the original name) Isaiah 11 and 6566. The Christian Bible expands on that by talking about it mainly in Romans 8 and Revelation 2122 with a few verses here and there which I’ve linked in case you want a direct comparison.

Most Christians don’t really know about the new earth, they believe they will spend eternity in the popculture heaven in the clouds idea where you become an angel – *the belief that this is where you spend eternity is found literally no where in our scriptures lol. But for those who do know of it, we interpret it as a literal new heavens (universe) and new earth. Where all creation is freed from sin and decay and death is fully defeated. Based on Revelation we believe this happens after the “end times”, Jesus’ 1000 year reign and judgement day.

So I’m curious, in general, how does your belief in the new earth differ from this one?

In Judaism do you believe that it’s a literal new heavens and new earth or that it’s figurative? Isaiah alone doesn’t explicitly say that it’s talking about an afterlife so do you all believe that the new earth is the eventual afterlife (after a literal or metaphorical Sheol) or is it just the expected type of world the Messiah will bring? Is this something you guys talk about to the degree mainstream Christianity talks about popculture sky heaven? Or is it not that big of a deal?

*edited for clarification

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