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Questions for people who converted while in a relationship (prior to)

If you converted while in a relationship, I have a question for you!

Questions for individuals who were/are in a relationship through conversion/exploration.

If you’ve started converting or even just started attending services, how did you start that conversation with your partner?

For example, I’ve been with my partner for a year now. My partner is atheist, and has their own reservations about organized religion (especially since they’re queer and have had trauma regarding religion and religious organizations).

My knowledge of Judaism is limited to much of what I’ve read on my own over 5+ years as well as a few celebrations with a Jewish friends. I finally reached out to a local Rabbi to meet with them next week to talk and ask questions.

I’m not saying I’m converting right this second or even going to – but just curious for others who may have been in similar situations.

Thanks all!

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