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Questions For Non-Religious Jews

I seen a comment recently that sparked my curiosity. As a religious Jew, I tend to be surrounded by other religious Jews and don’t hear the perspectives of those not religious nearly enough. I had a few questions I would love to hear answers to. All answers are asked from a place of curiosity, but if something I said was rude please feel free to correct me

*I’m using the word “religious” incredibly broadly here. Define it how you see fits and answer how you see fits.

1) Does halakha mean anything to you? Do you follow it? While I understand it shaped our culture largely, I tend to only hear about it in religious settings and the only Jews I know who follow it are religious

2) Do you ever attend Synagogue? What do you get from it?

3) Do you ever feel looked down on by religious Jews for not being religious? How about from goyim?

4) Not exactly a question, but I just want to hear more from your voices so feel free to share anything you think is relevant

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