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questions about the torah

  1. question on genesis: i will just go verse by verse so you can see my thought process

1 – god begins creating the universe

2 – the earth is unformed, but there are waters???

3 – some form of light is made

4 – light is separated from darkness

5 – light is day, dark is night

6 – water is separated from water (the water in 1:2)

7 – the sky (atmosphere is created)

8 – the expanse is called heaven

9 – dry land appears from waters … we know that land came before water?

10 – dry land is called earth

11 – plants come to fruition … we know that plants need the sun to grow?

12 – more vegetation

13 – evening / morning stuff

14 – the sun / other stars are created

2) questions on ages: if the ancient hebrews (such as avraham) followed a solar calender, then how did they live so long? humans couldnt not have physically lived that long. this would naturally lead me to think they measured years differently, but the torah makes it seem like a solar calender is in place (genesis 1:14 for example)

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