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Questions about the Parsha (Kedoshim)…are mules not allowed? Would someone get stoned to death today under Jewish law? What does it mean to not act on the basis of fortuitous times?

Shavua tov! I was reading the Parsha to myself this shabbos from an English translated Chumash and I had some questions about the text. I won’t be seeing a rabbi for a few weeks so I am hoping some of you can help me answer these questions:

  1. Based on the prohibition from breeding animals of different species, is creating a mule not allowed? I assume it is not allowed but wanted to confirm.

  2. There are multiple Mitzvot in the Parsha that correspond to a punishment of being pelted to death by stones (Leviticus 20:2 and 20:16, for example). What is the practical application of this? I know some Mitzvot only apply in Eretz Israel or only apply when we had the Temple. Is this a punishment that applies today? Would someone get pelted to death under Jewish law today?

  3. Leviticus 19:26 says not to act on the basis of fortuitous times, according to the translation I am using. I have heard that it is encouraged to plan weddings on “auspicious” days, like Tu B’Av. How is that different from acting on fortuitous times?

Bonus question not from the Parsha: is the Yetzer in yetzer hara the same root as the Yatzar in the Asher Yatzar blessing? I was thinking about that this shabbos. Seems like the words are related?

Thank you for helping me better understand the Parsha! I appreciate it so much! Have a great week!

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