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questions about the hamsa and the evil eye

i know not many people are online since it’s shabbat but i wanted to post this before i forget (T▽T)

at first i thought the evil eye was just bad things, like sickness, and bad things in general. but i didn’t know it was somewhat like jealousy, or someone putting the evil eye on you out of jealousy (??) i literally just thought it was something bad that could happen. i’m epileptic, and i was so scared of having seizures that i wore a hamsa necklace, a hamsa bracelet (which i’m still wearing) and i left a picture frame that has a hamsa on it

but i didn’t know that i was wrong about what it was. am i wrong? i’m so confused (o_O)

but shabbat shalom!! 🩷🩷😽😽 i hope everyone is doing well!!

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