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Questions about synagogue

Hi everyone, Soo , I would like to attend synagogue. I’m too young to say “I’m converting” (I’m 18), however for the past two years I have been questioning my faith (Catholicism). My family is Italian – I am a first generation and they are extremely religious. I’ve been listening to podcasts on Torah for 2 years now, and I’ve never been more spiritually fulfilled, like something that’s missing finally has connected (if you haven’t listened to Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe I strongly recommend him). Anyways, I’ve been terrified to even mention to my family I’ve been looking at different religions, guilty even, but I’ve decided that I need to do what my soul is telling me. I’ve been praying every day, as I know how, and I keep having dreams of doing this – of practicing this faith. So long story short, I’d like to attend a service, just to start somewhere. But I’m not quite sure…what do you do? I only have church service to compare with. Am I allowed inside? Do I have to wear a prayer shawl or something? Or bring anything? How is the service structured – is it different for each sect? Can I just sit in the back and observe…? Thank you! 🙂

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