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Questions about Passover and other holidays

I am currently working on a huge project about different cultural celebrations and couple of slides are dedicated to Jewish holidays, celebrations, and ceremonies. It’s very important for me to represent Jewish culture well, so my question is – Is there anything about the way people from this culture celebrate these holidays that is indicative of their culture? For example, I am a Muslim and for us it’s important to visit all our relatives during Eid and give gifts to children. It shows that people from Muslim countries are family people who care about their extended family as much as they care about the people who live with us. It’s just an example but I hope you see where I am going.

Going further, I hope to ask one more question. For my project, I was asked to gather information on Passover and Bar Mitzvah. Is there anything in common with this holiday and this ceremony in the way people approach it? For example, there might be a specific dish that you can see only in both of these celebrations or something else that you would find unique that describes your culture well. Not necessarily related to food, but perhaps there is a tradition that families do together or something else.

If anyone could briefly share how you and your family celebrates Passover and what you did on Bar Mitzvah that would be awesome too.

Thank you!

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