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Questions about Orthodox Kosher expectations

Hi! I’m a conversion student currently attending a reform shule in a city with a very small Jewish population. I like the people their and I know they don’t represent reform as a whole but I was thinking I should maybe start going to the Orthodox Shule since I want to be more observant and the reform shule may not be best. I know the step up from reform is Masorti but there are no Masorti Synagogues in the area. What’s more the Orthodox Shule is in walking distance. Just some questions Would I be expected to keep Orthodox levels of Kosher? Very few products my local supermarkets have Kosher certification (and I can’t drive) and I live in a tiny apartment that barely has a kitchen and while I keep basic Kosher and do plan to move to a city with a Jewish community with Kosher butcher/grocers (I plan to move back in with my very unkosher mother for a few months to figure it out) and keep a Kosher kitchen, but during now and then will they be leniency granted especially as someone who is still learning and wants to deep my feet into more observant Judaism? Or should I just stick it out with the reform until I move?

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