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Questions about making a Kippah

Hello! I’m a goy and know next to nothing about Judaism so I apologize in advance if I say anything that doesn’t apply to Judaism or is incorrect. I have some questions about how to go about making a kippah, all I could find googling is sewing and construction guides. I have an 8 year old daughter and her favorite teacher at school is Jewish (unsure of what denomination) and she absolutely adores him. Recently in class they learned about and shared cultural and religious traditions as a group activity and the teacher shared his as well and talked about his kippah.

Well we’re gullah geechee and one of our traditional crafts is the weaving of sweetgrass, baskets in particular but we also make jewelry out of it as well. My daughter came home and is dead set on making him a kippah weaved from sweetgrass as a blending of cultural traditions.

As for my questions are there any symbols or rituals (i.e. star of David or perhaps a blessing from a rabbi, certain prayers ect.) related to the making of a kippah? Can they be made with sweetgrass and still be legitimate or are there required materials it be made of and does any of this depend on which denomination he is? Lastly, can a legitimate kippah even be made by a non jew? I’d ask the teacher himself but my daughter wants to surprise him and made me pinkie promise not to tell lol

Any required symbols might just have to be painted on or dyed afterwards because tbh I’m not that confident in my weaving abilities 😬

P.S. she says hi and wants me to tell you that she thinks you guys are cool 😉

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