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Questions about Jewish theology from a Christian

I hope you don‘t mind me asking a few things about some of the texts/canons our religion shares. I hope it is not respectful. But I think there are some things understood wrong by some Christians on the Old Testament and it‘s symbolism so I‘d like to ask you here on what those things mean in the Jewish faith, especially the symbolism.

The number 12. The number 13. The 12 tribes of Israel. The symbolic meaning of each tribe.

They also have symbols like the wolf or a scale right? What do those mean?

Has there ever been a 13th tribe? Or one that claimed to be the 13th tribe?

What does diaspora mean to you and what is it a symbol for?

What was the crime/sin of each of the 12 stems of Israel making God disperse them over the world?

Is there a prophecy in the Jewish canon about a person from the tribe of Benjamin being a prophet or false prophet?

What do you believe about Paradise? Is it going to be on earth or somewhere else?

If you needed to choose, which tribe(s) would you associate with each of the other word faiths?

I hope I am not being disrespectful with my curiosity.

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